Report on Guyana Geology and Mines Commission Science and Technology Quiz By Stefan Farier

The first ever Science and Technology Quiz held by the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission was won by a team representing the Bishops' High School.
The quiz took place on November 9th, 11th and 13th and was recorded at the NCN Studios. The team from The Bishops' High School comprised four students from Form 5 Science:
Tacquin Wilson, Soyini Mc Pherson, and Stefan Farier as the original team members with Shabeena Ramjohn acting as an alternate in case of emergency.
The preliminary round took place on Monday November 9th, 2009 with Bishops' going against St. Rose's High School. The team was surprised to be informed that the Quiz was scheduled to commence four days prior to the date on which they had previously been informed that it would start.
With a little confidence gained from the exhortations of Mrs. Beverly Daly (Acting Headmistress) and prayers from Mrs. Wilson (Form Teacher of 5C) the team went forward, slightly unprepared, to NCN Studios to meet their opponents. The quiz was organized into three main parts: Science (Biology, Physics and Chemistry), Geology and Mines and finally Mathematics. Nevertheless, the team emerged victorious in the match against St. Rose's High, winning with a final score of 20 to 10 points. Soyini dominated the round by scoring the most points 10, while Stefan and Tacquin contributed the other ten. Other schools competing were: New Amsterdam Multilateral School, Mackenzie High School, St Joseph's High School, Three Miles Secondary School, St. Rose's High School, St. Stanislaus College and Queen's College.
In the Semi-final the following Wednesday, the team from Bishops' High, this time accompanied by Mrs. Keisha Bobb-Sampson (a lovely Chemistry teacher), was to compete against St. Stanislaus College which had previously beaten Queen's College in the preliminaries. The resulting match was extremely competitive, with Saint's having an all boys team, making Soyini the only female competitor in the room. After the last section of the quiz, Mathematics, the Bishops' team thought they had lost only to find out that it was a tie!!! Hearts pounded as the final few questions were asked, with Tacquin being the fastest one to answer, securing Bishops' the precious points it needed to advance to the finals.
Finally, on the following Friday, The Bishops' High School team was fully prepared to handle any question in the final round against Mackenzie High School. The two teams met in a lounge at the studios gk place and the teams got to know each other, but we did not underestimate our opponents. In the final round the BHS team won convincingly against Mackenzie High with a final tally of 18 points to a mere 4 points. Tacquin Wilson scored highest in round, making him the best student to emerge from the competition with a total of 24 points, while Soyini and Stefan both scored a total of 18 points each.
As a result, the team from the Bishops' High School topped the entire competition, winning various prizes ranging from book vouchers to full Scholarships to the University of Guyana to study Science and Technology, "especially, Geology and Mines" Quizmaster Ron Robinson emphasized.
Overall, the team has proved that a new era is here; The Bishops' High School will no longer be regarded as second best_--- We are the best!!!!!

Tacquin, Stefan, Soyini and Shabeena