Gina Singh-Trotz at the Obama -Biden Rally in Sunrise, Florida, October 29

Obama -Biden Rally in Sunrise, Florida, October 29....OMG!!!!!!

The Singhs and their relevant extensions were there yesterday. We stood in a queue for 3 hours and felt no pain. The weather was gorgeous and there was such a feeling of camaraderie, interrupted only by the noise of the schupid McCain -Palin plane flying overhead with some nonsense that no one paid any attention to.

Joe Biden, sauntered up to the podium without any introduction. Nicely stage managed! All we heard was "Hello Sunrise" and 20,000 people suddenly focused. Elegant and erudite are the two words that come to mind. He proceeded to whip us up into a frenzy and then....... ta-da-ta-da.....up bounced da man himself. I managed to stay standing, barely.

Obama opened with, "I have 2 words for you - Six Days". All of it was absolutely bloody mesmerising!!!! Someone in the audience screamed "We love you" and without missing a beat he said, "I love you back", followed by that smile. Oh Lorrrrd!

Towards the end we were live across the country and he took it up a notch - if such was possible. By the time he said, "So if you would walk with me America, for the next 6 days, knock on doors, pick up the phone" we were all standing. My Mum, the political cynic kept saying "O meh goy" over and over again. And then came the defining moment when he called for unity and began identifying groups by name; Black, White, Latino, Gay, Straight..... that was it..... if he said anything else we didn't hear it. It was mass hysteria, like groupies at a rock concert. And Mum the cynic? Well when last seen she was waving violently to Barack Obama from the uppermost tiers of the Bank Atlantic Centre.

She just got back from early voting this morning. I said to her as she walked through the door, "So, Obama is on his way?” She replied with a smile of pride on her face "Yes, Obama is on his way."