A September to Remember .. Senior Class Notes, October 2007

A September to Remember

By Elise Arno

It was indeed “A September to Remember” on the afternoon of Sunday, September 2 when the Clemsville Music Conservatory and Sextet celebrated its second anniversary with a grand musical programme arranged and presented by our own Dr Wendy Rudder, Director. Held on the spacious lawns at Lot 7 La Ressouvenir, East Coast of Demerara, one entered and got seated, there was that atmosphere of things to come as. Those of us BHOSA alumni present felt especially privileged to be among the invitees and to be given special recognition by Ms. Maureen Massiah, the Mistress of Ceremonies. With Maureen taking us through the programme, we were indeed in capable hands.

It was an afternoon which, to many of us, brought back memories of the “the good old days” with the little ballerinas opening the programme with such poise. We can hardly wait to see them again on their toes come next year. Then came a further treat when the instrumentalists took over. It was refreshing to sit and enjoy the unadulterated classical renditions on the piano, violin, trumpet and saxophone, all performed by students of the Conservatory. The final item by the Clemsville Music Sextet deserved our highest commendation for their renditions performed with such precision.

We also witnessed the presentation of tokens and trophies to members of the Conservatory and other deserving persons. Tributes were presented first by Ms. Paula Hazelwood in memory of Rev. Una Matthews AA and read by Ms. Theresa Stuart, then by Rev. Dr. William Lloyd Andries in memory of Edith Pieters, LRSM, LTCL and read by Dr. Frank Beckles. These tributes highlighted the tremendous contributions these two women made to the world of music in and out of Guyana.

The stalwart efforts by Wendy in directing the Clemsville Music Conservatory and Sextet and bringing it to this level did not go unnoticed. Wendy was presented with a trophy in recognition of her achievement by Dr. Beckles. She graciously accepted the trophy with her infectious smile.

The afternoon’s programme having been concluded and the Mistress of Ceremonies having had the last word, we were invited to partake in refreshments and intermingling. We couldn’t wish for more.

Hats off to Wendy and the Clemsville Music Conservatory and Sextet for a September we will never forget.

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