A day of Fun and Games 2008

by Andrea Bryan

What started out as a little fundraiser has become a major event on the BHSOSA calendar. The fourth Annual Games Day and Food Sale was held on Saturday April 26, 2008 on the grounds of the Bishops’ High School. In the heat of the midday sun, the students began to trickle in but as the day progressed, so did the attendance of past and present students. There was a long line to enter as the Headmistress skillfully opted to ask for ‘contributions’ instead of the price of admission. She managed to squeeze thousands of dollars out of unsuspecting alumni.

The queue to come in..

Even though most of the tickets were sold to present students, surprisingly most of those who came were alumni. Perhaps word had spread online through the popular social networks like Hi5 and Facebook or maybe they do check their email notices. This new generation of “old students” showed their interest in large numbers and mini reunions could be seen along the bicycle shed. There were hugs, kisses and shrieks of laughter as they reconnected with old friends.

The catwalk.. and hopefully, those bottles were eventually picked up and thrown in the bin

On the tables, snacks of all kinds were sold at unbeatable prices! (Almost everything was $100) Fudge, brownies, plantain chips, boiled channa, mettai, puri, pholourie, bake ‘n saltfish, fish and chips and of course popsicles and fudgicles. You were almost transported to Big Market since all you could hear (apart from the music) from across the field was “Get your fudgicles and popsicles! Only $100!” as Vidya projected his voice with the skill of a seasoned market vendor. But it worked. All that was left in those coolers were the pieces of dried ice that kept those desserts frozen all day. A true aficionado of multitasking, Vidya was simultaneously playing the now famous Sidebar Scrabble.

Cecilia McCalmont and Vidyaratha Kissoon playing Scrabble. The official dictionary was the third edition, the fudgicle, creamsicle and popsicle were in the coolers and even with the dictionary.. Cecilia managed to play VEXT unchallenged..

Games were varied just as the snacks. There was Monopoly, Sorry, Clue and more Scrabble in the Entrance Hall; cards and dominoes in the Oswald Parry Hall; cricket, tug-of- war, lime-and-spoon and basketball on the field. The rope used for the tug-of-war also became multi functional. At one time it was tugged then, through the ingenuity of the students, it became a skipping rope and a limbo bar.

Oh the mind of a Bishops’ student!

As the day came to an end, almost everything was sold but the students did not want to leave. The last song played seemed to be a favourite among the present students as they formed a circle and the brave ones ventured into the middle to “Tek it to dem” as the song instructed. Perhaps they were having a little too much fun because the Headmistress told the DJ to stop the music. She told the students “It is 6 o’clock.” Some responded, “No Miss, it’s two minutes to six.” They reluctantly filed out of the school yard but did not leave the streets immediately. Time for one last lime after school.

It was a great day of fun and games where students of the Bishops’ High School, past and present, gave back to their Alma Mater. Thanks to all those who made the event a success especially the parents and students who contributed in cash or kind, the BHSOSA Executive, the Headmistress and staff who all worked tirelessly. Special thanks to Nigel’s Supermarket, Noble House Seafoods and the Kissoons for their kind donations. Please support those who continue to support us year after year. Thanks to all alumni who made this Games Day a memorable one. May we remain true comrades and true friends.

A friend enjoying himself

Dorette the chit lady.. last year

Dorette, doing the chits in 2008 THANKS DORETTE!

Gem Fletcher, Iris Chang-yen Beharry, Janice Jackson - Class of 1960

Han Gaskin (1st Form 1981) Athina Gaskin (1st Form 2007), Vidyaratha Kissoon (1st Form 1981)