The Mentoring Project

BHSOSA/Tutorial High School Old Students Association/UNICEF Project

The first phase of the mentoring programme was launched in 2002.
The Second Phase of the Mentoring Programme commenced in October 2005. This initiative is important for several reasons :-

  • This is the first partnership between the BHSOSA and the Tutorial High School OSA
  • This initiative is the first of the BHSOSA to receive support from a donor agency - UNICEF
  • The BHSOSA has now expanded the scope of its interventions to include the wider community

UNICEF provided support for the following activities

  • Orientation workshops for the prospective mentors OSA
  • Development workshops for the Parents of mentors
  • Workshops for the first form students, including the mentees

The following project reports are available on the various stages of the project.
Other documents are available by Clicking here

Final_Report_on_Workshop_for_Parents_Apr_8__2006.doc45.5 KB
Parent_Mentor_Workshop_May_Report.doc44 KB
ActivitityReport2006unicef.pdf30.3 KB
orientationreport.doc70.5 KB
firstformreport.doc102 KB