BHSOSA restructures the requirements for the lab project.

At the 2005 reunion in Washington, BHSOSA briefed the overseas chapters on the condition of the science labs and committed to revising the estimates to repair the labs based on the fact the government through the Ministry of Education had commenced repairs to the floors. The revision had now been completed. The following tasks therefore have been identified:

  • The tiling and refurbishing of lab tables
  • Servicing pressure pumps and air tank
  • The installation of new water services pipes to the labs
  • Clearing of draining pipes and installation of pipe fittings
  • Repairs to storage cupboards
  • Repairs to the stage, teacher’s desk and teachers storage supboards
  • Installation of ceiling fans
  • Security grill for eastern windows of Biology lab, grill door for lab entrance
  • The servicing of gas regulators
  • BHSOSA has also revised project proposal and sent it to the chapters who committed to supporting this project at the reunion. The Barbados Chapter has already contributed $G 400,000.00. The London Chapter had initially sent G$ 180,000.00. The New York, California and Canada chapters had also committed to support this project as well. The revised estimate is in the vicinity of G$ 4,000.000.00. This is a significant reduction from the original estimate of $G12,000,000.00 that was submitted previously.