Computerisation at BHS

BHSOSA and the UK Alumni Chapter are implementing a Student Records Information System

The primary focus of the information technology related initiatives at BHS to date has been to provide the necessary facilities to prepare students to sit the Caribbean Secondary Examinations Council (CSEC) and the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) information technology and computer studies subjects. This initiative had been quite successful with the establishment of a computer laboratory which will be extended during this academic term to over 25 computers running on a Local Area Network (LAN). It is felt now that some attention should be

  • paid to the information capturing processes of the school’s administration.

    It is in this vein that Bishop’s High School Old Student Association (BHSOSA) with the financial support of the UK Alumni Chapter is currently in the process of computerizing the primary administrative operations of the school. The overall objective of this project is to design, develop and implement a Student Records Information System (SRIS). The specific business functions of this system will be the following:

  • The data input and storage of Student bio-data
  • The data input and storage of student academic information
  • The data input and storage of student health information
  • The data input and storage of specific activities (academic awards, service medals,etc) per student.
  • The generation of school reports and academic transcripts
  • Statistic information on student population (i.e. by gender, form level, subjects areas etc.)
  • A Local Area Network (LAN) will be installed to support multiple and concurrent access to the SRIS. This network will consist of at least five (5) workstations and one (1) database server. Three workstations would be installed in the staffroom while the server and the other two workstations and the database server will be installed in the Headmistress’s offices. The network will use a combination of cabling and wireless technologies because of the distance between the staffroom and the administrative offices.

    Based on the funding from the London Chapter and its own financial resources, BHSOSA will provided project management and support for the following:

  • Design, Development and implementation of the SRIS
  • Installation and testing of the Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Training of academic and administrative staff in the of SRIS
  • Training of academic and administrative staff in the use of the Local Area network (LAN)
  • The data entry of biographical information of all current students at Bishops’ High School
  • BHSOSA will recruit data entry staff that will be responsible for entering current biographical student information. It is estimated that this will be at over 500 records. The feasibility of entering records of past students will be examined for a future activity. If it is deemed necessary, BHSOSA will also arrange limited basic training for members of staff who may not have exposed to computers and related peripheral equipment.

    All teaching staff will be trained to use the SRIS. Selective administrative staff will be trained to also perform specific data maintenance activities like daily/weekly system backups, system reporting. BHSOSA will provide continuous oversight and will be the technical liaison with the supporting vendors.

    An accounting management information system will also be installed to provide support for financial administration.

    It is estimated that this project will eventually cost in the vicinity of $G 3.2 million