Senior Tea and Talk

by Megan Richmond

On Saturday, September 8, 2007, 17 of our senior girls were entertained to a
delicious tea at the Kirkpatricks of Meadowbrook Gardens. The setting was
pleasant and the orchids bloomed for us. As usual, Margery and Dougal were
gracious hosts.

We ate from generous plates, sipped tea and chatted while listening to long
forgotten tunes. When last did you swoon to Johnny Mathis' songs, girls?

Just when we thought the end was near, we heard of a surprise item.
Four senior girls were invited to model for an impromptu fashion show.
The new models were ,

Audrey Odle née Field

Megan Richmond

Magda Pollard,

and Terry Stuart née Cooper.

We modeled African dresses from the interesting collection of Anetha Heyliger Daniels, whose boutique is located at the Ocean View International Hotel. After overcoming some initial concern about fitting dresses to mature figures, we displayed formal and casual wear with exotic,matching head-dresses. The outfits worn had been displayed at Guyana Fashion Weekend held in August 2007.

Behind the cameras were Janice Jackson, Sandra Plummer and Terry Stuart.

We sang "Happy Birthday to You" to Joyce Joao née Vasconcellos who celebrated her 75th birthday on September 9 and Dougal's mom who celebrated
her 100th birthday the previous week.

It was a delightful, memorable afternoon.