About the BHSOSA

The Bishops' High School is one of Guyana's leading secondary schools. It was established in 1873.

The Bishops' High School Old Students' Association is the association of alumni of the Bishops' High School. The Association was formed in 1933 by the then Headmistress, Mrs Wearn. The Association was registered as a Friendly Society in 1997.

The three objectives of the Association are:

1) to encourage and foster the interest of alumni in the present day activities and aspirations of the school

2) to make some contribution in the sphere of education by giving help primarily to the school and to the community in general and
3) to help alumni maintain the ties of friendship

The BHSOSA hosts many activities and implement several projects to fulfill its objectives.

The 2009/2010 Executive consists of

President Hazel Friday-Burrowes
Vice-President Jocelynne Josiah-Cholomondeley
Secretary Alethea Puranram
Treasurer Jonelle Ashby
Assist. Sec-Treas. Tamaika Griffith
Immed. Past Pres. Terry Stuart
Comm Member Andrea Bryan
Comm Member Brian Smith
Comm Member Vivienne Mitchell-Amata
Comm Member Malkia Payne

The Woodside Choir Representative on the Committee will be Jannice Simmons.

You can download the Constitution to learn more about our administration23.25 KB