Scenes from the Walk A Thon - 7 October, 2007

We left school just around 5.45a.m. complete with police escort, Red Cross personnel (fortunately not needed), food, water and pick-up vehicles. As we should have expected, there were the GOOD, the NOT SO GOOD, and the HAPPY BUT SLOWER which gave our police escort nuff headaches as he couldn't keep us all together. However we had no mishaps and we were grateful for his protection.
We arrived at the stadium around 7.10 (THE SLOWEST GROUP) where after having our snacks, we were able to have a brief tour of the stadium.

Thank you to those present-day students who joined us (They are already asking Mrs. Friday-Burrowes when's the next one!!!)

Enjoy the five photos that I have attached.wat_restingResting
Staff Representative , HM, Andrea Owen (President)Staff Representative , HM, Andrea Owen (President)

Students at the gateStudents at the gateWe've arrivedWe've arrived