Report on Guyana Geology and Mines Commission Science and Technology Quiz By Stefan Farier

The first ever Science and Technology Quiz held by the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission was won by a team representing the Bishops' High School.
The quiz took place on November 9th, 11th and 13th and was recorded at the NCN Studios. The team from The Bishops' High School comprised four students from Form 5 Science:
Tacquin Wilson, Soyini Mc Pherson, and Stefan Farier as the original team members with Shabeena Ramjohn acting as an alternate in case of emergency.

Collective Memory - Yderle Browman-Hazel

Do you remember the anticipation
Expectation, anxiety,
Delicious excitement
And enjoyable attention?
Uniforms of the correct material
Bought at the recommended store;
Tunics - sewn just so -
Nothing added or taken away;
Hats of the correct size and texture;
Shoes of specified colour and make;
Anklets, white of course;
And wonders of wonders -
That dinky little purse!
Your heart nearly gave out
Before the great day came!

Do you remember your first encounter
(With Bishops' I mean)
The first classroom,
The first form-mistress,
Your first assembly?

Senior Class Notes July 2009

This edition of Senior Class Notes has a report of the seniors interaction with students of the school, birthday news and other updates

BHS Fun Day - 27 June, 2009

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BHS Fun Day - 27 June, 2009
BHS Fun Day - 27 June, 2009

This album has pictures from the fun day which was held on Saturday 27 June, 2009 at the school.

Senior Class Notes - October 2008, January 2009 and April 2009

October 2008
Review of the Toronto Reunion and the September Tea Party

January 2009
A tribute to Agnes Jones written by Janice Jackson
Notes from the 2008 Christmas Party

April 2009
Megan Anderson's poetic review of the Eastbound Outing : Traversing the Berbice River Bridge

South Florida Chapter donates Public Speaker Address system to BHS

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South Florida Chapter donates Public Speaker Address system to BHS
South Florida Chapter donates Public Speaker Address system to BHS

The equipment was handed over to Timothy Millington by Donna Ramsammy-James (standing in for President Gina Trotz who was at that time on her way to Timehri to return to South Florida). Cynthia Massay-Thomas (for whom the South Florida Chapter is her home away from home) and Terry Stuart, BHSOSA President also attended. We offer thanks to CP Persaud who came in and set up the equipment and has promised to train students in its use.

Gina Singh-Trotz at the Obama -Biden Rally in Sunrise, Florida, October 29

Obama -Biden Rally in Sunrise, Florida, October 29....OMG!!!!!!

The Singhs and their relevant extensions were there yesterday. We stood in a queue for 3 hours and felt no pain. The weather was gorgeous and there was such a feeling of camaraderie, interrupted only by the noise of the schupid McCain -Palin plane flying overhead with some nonsense that no one paid any attention to.

Joy Agard - Mighty at Obama's rally in Nevada, 25 October, 2008

[website admin note : We welcome contributions from any old student who would have been at any of the Republican rallies as well]

Subject: I saw Our Great Change Agent last Saturday

My dear friends:

I've been meaning to write to share my excitement at attending a Barack Obama rally last Saturday, but I've been so swamped, not to mention so exhilarated by my experience, that I am only just getting around to it.

My Experience in St. Kitts for the Leadership Program

The joys experienced on my trip to St Kitts can be described as simply exhilarating. Coupled with the excitement of visiting a new country and even being stuck in another, was the looming opportunity to bring to light the talent and intellect of The Bishops' High School and more so, my country, Guyana.

Even though we arrived one day earlier, my chaperone and Headmistress, Mrs. Isaacs­-Walcott, did not skip a beat in keeping me fully enlightened on locations and sights around me so although my primary learning program had not begun, I was able to gain foreknowledge on what lay before me.

BHS student to receive leadership training in St. Kitts

By Andrea Bryan (Secretary, BHSOSA)