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Senior Class Notes July 2011

This edition of the Senior Class Notes includes a review of the interaction with Form One students.

Senior Class Notes April 2011

The SCN edition contains a review of the visit to Canal No 1 polder and other items

Senior Class Notes January 2011

This is the January 2011 edition of Senior Class Notes. It contains the birthday list, and a review of the activities in December 2010

Senior Class Notes October 2010

Senior Class Notes : Vol 4 No 3

In this edition :-
Yvonne Harewood Benn reviews the September Affair

Senior Class Notes July 2010

This edition was produced by Janice Jackson and includes Mella Dorset-Sutherland's review of the visit to Castellani House.

Senior Class Notes - Vol 4 No 1 April 2010

This edition of the Senior Class Notes was produced by Janice Jackson. It features a report by Leila Too-Kong
of the visit to the Forestry Training Centre at Yarrowkabra, Soesdyke-Linden Highway

Senior Class Notes January 2010

This edition has a review of the Christmas 2009 event and other bits and pieces.

Collective Memory - Yderle Browman-Hazel

Do you remember the anticipation
Expectation, anxiety,
Delicious excitement
And enjoyable attention?
Uniforms of the correct material
Bought at the recommended store;
Tunics - sewn just so -
Nothing added or taken away;
Hats of the correct size and texture;
Shoes of specified colour and make;
Anklets, white of course;
And wonders of wonders -
That dinky little purse!
Your heart nearly gave out
Before the great day came!

Do you remember your first encounter
(With Bishops' I mean)
The first classroom,
The first form-mistress,
Your first assembly?

Two Editions - June to September 2008, December 2008

These two editions of the BHSOSA Express were prepared by Janice Jackson.

Senior Class Notes - October 2009

This edition of Senior Class Notes features a review of September Affair and other Senior news.

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