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Scenes from the Walk A Thon - 7 October, 2007

We left school just around 5.45a.m. complete with police escort, Red Cross personnel (fortunately not needed), food, water and pick-up vehicles. As we should have expected, there were the GOOD, the NOT SO GOOD, and the HAPPY BUT SLOWER which gave our police escort nuff headaches as he couldn't keep us all together. However we had no mishaps and we were grateful for his protection.
We arrived at the stadium around 7.10 (THE SLOWEST GROUP) where after having our snacks, we were able to have a brief tour of the stadium.

Senior Tea and Talk

by Megan Richmond

On Saturday, September 8, 2007, 17 of our senior girls were entertained to a
delicious tea at the Kirkpatricks of Meadowbrook Gardens. The setting was
pleasant and the orchids bloomed for us. As usual, Margery and Dougal were
gracious hosts.

We ate from generous plates, sipped tea and chatted while listening to long
forgotten tunes. When last did you swoon to Johnny Mathis' songs, girls?

BHSOSA Express - June 2007

The BHSOSA express June 2007 edition is now online.


"..It is finally here. I hope it stays here . I hope we do not have intermittent issues but regular issues of a consistently high standard."


Visit to the Guyana Heritage Museum and other Senior Class Notes

Reflections on a Visit to the Guyana Heritage Museum, Meten-Meer-Zorg, West Coast Demerara
by Eileen Robinson

On a cool Saturday morning – June 16, 2007, some BHSOSA Alumni boarded a maxi bus from the Alma Mater and wended our way to the Heritage Museum on the West Coast of Demerara. This trip, organized by the members of the BHSOSA Seniors Committee, took us about five miles out of Georgetown, over the Demerara Harbour Bridge, through some busy villages on a 7-mile drive to our destination, two minutes off the Public Road at Kastev, Meten-Meer-Zorg.


Because she attended “The Bishops’ High School” she was a member of BHOSA. Apart from periods of time when Yvonne was out of Guyana pursuing her career, she was an actively contributing member of this association.
She will be remembered by all of us for her commitment, her service, her generosity, her sound ideas, her organizing skills, her sense of humour,
her “we can do it attitude” her ardent devotion to a cause…. That cause in this case being her alma mater and its products....

Senior Class Notes : April 2007

Senior Class Notes is the quarterly newsletter produced to share information about activities of the 'seniors of the BHSOSA'

"World of Computers, Here I Come!
A group of alumna embarked on a journey in the computer room of the Bishops’ High School on the morning of Tuesday, April 3, 2007 with Terry Stuart at the helm. The group of 10 explored computer terms, played with buttons and sailed into the world of email. They came with varying levels of knowledge of and experience with the computer. By the end of the first morning, everyone had an email address and the newbies sent their first message off into

BHSOSA mourns the passing of Executive Member - Lakshmi Angela Osborne

Lakshmi Angela Osborne served the BHSOSA with commitment and dedication as Secretary for a full term of 3 years. At the time of her death, she functioned as the Assistant Secretary.

Angela died on Saturday April 21, 2007 on board a medivac flight to Trinidad. She was 29 years and the mother of two. Condolences are extended to her family, friends and co-workers. She will be sadly missed.


Pictures from Games Day 2007

Cricket - Games Day
Winning team of 'old boys' of the 10/10 Cricket Match with Mrs Walcott, Headteacher of the BHS

Mahogany tree
The rope being prepared for the Tug of War.. in the background is the trunk of the once glorious tree

Pictures from Carol Singing 2006

These are from the Christmas Lime organised at Derry Harry's house in Lamaha Gardens - 15 December, 2006. These pictures are courtesy of Gillian Butts

The steelband was in full force..


Lynette Cunha led the singing of the carols..


BHS in stellar performance

Board congratulates students, teachers
THE Board of Governors of Bishops’ High School has lauded the outstanding academic and other achievements of the school during the year.

In what the Board has termed “yet another year of outstanding achievements”, the school gained high percentage passes of persons with five or more subjects with grades 1-3 at this year’s CXC examinations. The school’s overall percentage passes in this category is 95.9.

One hundred per cent passes were recorded in Agriculture Science, Caribbean History, Biology, Electronic Data Processing Management, Integrated Science, Home Management, Human and Social Biology, Office Administration, Physics, Principles of Business, Principles of Accounts, Social Studies, Spanish and Technical Drawing. In Mathematics, the school recorded 92.5 per cent passes; English Language, 98.7 per cent; and Chemistry 95.7 per cent.

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